"Each one of these dishes was perfectly executed and a couple were truly exceptional"
Paolo Tullio, Food Critic The Irish Independent.

"Yes there are plenty of chefy flourishes, but the cooking is assured and shows real pedigree"
Corinna Hardgrave, Restaurant Critic Irish Tatler.

"McDonagh's plates are delightfully enjoyable, and easy and fun to eat. This is very mature cooking for a very young restaurant"
McKenna Guides, Food Guide.

"Brioche Ranelagh really is something special. Its quiet location on Elmwood Avenue makes it incredibly inviting, especially at night time when it casts warm light onto the footpath"
Stitch & Bear, Irish Food Blogger.

"By the look of the happy crowd Brioche is wowing Ranelagh residents, no mean feat in this restaurant-heavy village"
Catherine Cleary, Irish Times Restaurant Critic.

"French take of tapas is a small triumph. McDonagh has a sharp eye for detail"
Ernie Whalley, Restaurant Critic Irish Times.

Artistic Endeavours

"We absolutely love this campaign. Aerosol skills never looked so good!"
The Container Yard

""The remarkable photorealistic murals promote a taste you won't forget."
Magpie Magazine

"This could be the best, and most beautiful, social media stunt we've ever seen in Dublin."
Lovin Dublin

""The enormous paintings made in a photorealistic accuracy really get the appetite going."
Montana Blog

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